The Club of Logistics Directors have founded (2009) a volunteer and relationship-based community, where members are Logistics-, supply chain-, warehouse-, and purchasing directors.

The Club have already possess more than 100 members, which provides for them practical logistic solutions, opportunity to change best practice experiences and serious professional relationships.

The main event of our Club is Conference of Logistics Directors. Our professional event was organized in May 2008 for the first time. Since then, year after year the number of participants are increasing continously. Our main aim is to strengthen the professional networking possibility for logistics leaders.

Why worth to attend our Conference?

Club of Logistics Directors organize year by year the most exclusive event of the Club, the International Conference of Logistics Directors.

Logistics directors, supply chain-, warehouse-, and purchasing directors share their international experiences, up-to-date logistics know-how on optimalization of the logistics process.

Come and meet with Professionals who like you, face with logistics challanges. For the participants, beyond professional discussions, have an opportunity to share best practice solutions and build valuable international relationships.

About the accomodation

About the hotel

Tapolca, a town famous for its caves and streams, is situated in the west part of the Balaton highlands. Below the hotel there is a karst cave, which is not only a beautiful sight, but also offers a special microclimate and curative treatment.

HUNGUEST Hotel Pelion is situated in the city centre, in a 4-ha-large park, directly above the cave ideal for curing respiratory diseases. Unique in Europe is the direct connection between our hotel and the grotto.

More informations: https://www.hunguesthotels.hu/en/hotels/

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